Flag My Yard!

28 Oct Flag My Yard!

A little bit about Flag my Yard!
We are a small business but have a HUGE mission: to provide your neighborhood a Special Display of American Pride One flag and holiday at a time.
We hope to share this love for our country with all of you by ‘flagging”yards all around your area during 6 special holidays of each year.
Whether you are one of our future clients or a friend, thank you for reading & thank you for choosing Flag My Yard!

How Does It Work?

We operate on an annual subscription basis. Each subscription costs $75 and includes one 3′ x 5′ Flag. (manufactured in the USA) on a 10′ pole.
We install a small unobtrusive PVC sleeve in your lawn, which will be capped when not in use. Don’t worry you will be able to mow over it without a problem?
Your flag will be placed at your home, business, or location of choice by the weekend before each holiday and removed within 2-3 days after.
2021 Schedule: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Patriot’s Day & Veteran’s Day.
Call to get scheduled! 918-777-8302

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